Top Ten Natural Features in Stony Valley & Surrounds
No. 6 - Rattlesnake Shack

The Rattlesnake Shack was built in Clarks Valley by Pennsylvania state entomologists around the time of the Great Depression. Their wives, while making their husbands a little more at home, left behind a very unique garden for us to experience!

Some of the flowers, such as myrtle and daffodils, are not native to Pennsylvania, and yet others can be found in even the uncultivated landscape of the wilderness. Most of the flowers they transplanted to the site, now located along the Appalachian Trail, bloom during the early-to-late spring and include some rare beauties.

Make this a family trip and see how many colors of flowers your children can find along the small stream fed by a mountain spring and in the shack’s landscaping! Remember don’t pick the flowers, or dig them up, so others see their beauty too!

DIRECTIONS: Park at the Route 325 Appalachian Trail Parking Lot. Follow the white blazes of the Appalachian Trail, south from the parking lot, crossing Clarks Creek, towards Rattling Run. As the trail starts to ascend the base of the mountain, turning towards the left, you will cross a small mountain stream. Surrounding this stream as it trickles back towards Clarks Creek is the Rattlesnake Shack’s garden. The yellow bush known as Japanese Rose is found to the left of the trail and marks the "north end" of the garden.

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