Saint Anthony's Wilderness, once named for the beauty of its virgin forests, today is part of the second largest roadless wilderness tract in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With so many miles of untamed wilderness, there is plenty for the avid outdoorsmen to the family looking for weekend fun to experience. Experience the wonders of Stony Valley and the surrounding Saint Anthony's Wilderness online and then outside.

Top Ten Natural Features in Stony Valley & Surrounds

Beaver swamps, scenic vistas and an unusual garden all have their spot on the Top Ten Natural Features in Stony Valley & Surrounds; a great place for the whole family to start experiencing the Great Outdoors!

The Spot Devil's Race Course
Sand Spring(s) Second Mountain Hawk Watch
American Holly Grove Rattlesnake Shack
Inscription Tree Jeff's Swamp
Evening Branch Beaver Swamp Boxcar Rocks

Stony Creek: A Wild & Scenic River
Becoming the second river basin to be designated a "Wild & Scenic River" by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in March 1980, the Stony Creek Corridor runs sixteen miles from the creek's headwaters near Rausch Gap towards its eventual outlet at the Susquehanna River in Dauphin. Discover more about this Wild & Scenic River.

Rausch Creek Diversion Wells
Started as a joint project by the Pennsylvania State University and the Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited in 1987, then expanded by Trout Unlimited in 2000, the Diversion Wells help to neutralize the acidic waters of Rausch Creek. Learn how these wells work to help counteract the effects of coal mining on the creek.

The Pools Are Alive With Mating Calls
Each spring the vernal ponds and old strip mines of Stony Valley and Surrounds erupt with a chorus of wood frogs as they embark on their annual mating ritual. Find out what to look for and experience the mating rituals of wood frogs up close this spring!

Cryptozoology: The Catamount
Is the wild Mountain Lion still lurking in and around Stony Valley, or is it all just a hoax? According to authorities the last wild Mountain Lion in Pennsylvania was killed in 1874 in Berks County, but then what do people believe they are seeing in the Pennsylvania wilds, if not a Mountain Lion?

Hunt Stony Valley
Learn what 2013-2014 hunting seasons and bag limits are for WMU 4C where PA State Game Lands No. 211 / Stony Valley is located. More information is available on the PA Game Commission website.

Fish Stony Creek
Trout Season 2014 begins on Saturday, March 29 in Stony Valley and Clarks Valley waters, and continues through Labor Day. Bass have a year-round open season.

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