Top Ten Natural Features in Stony Valley & Surrounds
No. 6 - Evening Branch Beaver Swamp

(Left) The Evening Branch Beaver Swamp, pictured in mid-summer,
empties into the Evening Branch of Fishing Creek (Right).

Photographs by Brandy M. Watts Martin

The Sand Spring along the Schuylkill & Susquehanna Railroad drains into the Evening Branch of Fishing Creek, which, dammed by local American Beaver, becomes this swamp. The area is full of wildlife, water, and beaver sign. A deer path can be followed around the swamp. Mark my words - A Deer Path. It is by no means an easy route. Around the swamp you can stop at such places as large rocks, clearings and fallen trees to watch the wildlife.

For wildlife lovers you can see: wood ducks, great blue herons, white-tailed deer, American beaver, and the usual squirrel and chipmunk along with many other songbirds.

A series of three beaver dams made this swamp, the dams holding through Hurricane Ivan in 2004. By the end of the storm, the swamp extended its bounds to the Stony Valley Rail-Trail. Today it can still be found hugging the edges of the rail-trail, starting only a ten minute walk in from the Western Rail-Trail Parking Lot on Gold Mine Road. Take the hike around the swamp in the early dawn or late evening and you may be lucky enough to see the American Beaver that inhabit it.

(Left) During winter, the beaver lodge in the middle of the swamp can be easily seen;
however, fall (Right) offers better views of migratory waterfowl.

Photographs by Brandy M. Watts Martin

DIRECTIONS: Park at the Western Rail-Trail Parking Lot on Gold Mine Road. Walk west on the Stony Valley Rail-Trail towards Dauphin. As you walk, continue to glance towards the north where the Evening Branch of Fishing Creek flows, as it comes closer to the rail-trail, within approximately 0.5 miles from the gate, you will see the creek widen. This is the Evening Branch Beaver Swamp. The best vantage point of the swamp is near the beaver dam.

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