Stony Creek: Wild & Scenic River

Amended in 1982, the Pennsylvania Scenic Rivers Act was passed through the General Assembly to allow the Commonwealth to protect areas that "possess outstanding aesthetic and recreational values" to "assure the people of this generation and their descendants the opportunity to refresh their spirits with the aesthetic and recreational qualities of unspoiled streams."

The sixteen-mile long Stony Creek was deemed such a "river" on March 24, 1980, the second to be called such in the state following two years behind the Schuylkill River. Under this act, not only does Stony Creek receive protection, but so do its three main tributaries of Rausch Creek, Yellow Springs and Rattling Run.

Because of the stream's recreational values, Game & Fish Magazine in 2004, named it one of the top trout streams in Pennsylvania, along with its neighbor to the north, Clarks Creek. Each year the streams are stocked with trout for the first day of trout season in the spring. In 2004, Clarks Creek got an astonding 5,320 brook trout and 7,080 brown trout, whereas Stony Creek received only 1,400 brook trout and 2,100 brown trout. Both areas are easily accessible for fishing.

Clark's Creek

Clark's Creek is an approved trout stream by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. Certain portions of the creek have special regulations on them, especially in the DeHart Dam Watershed where no fishing is allowed, and also for a segment of the creek in Middle Paxton Township, where it is fly-fishing only.

Stony Creek

Stony Creek is an approved trout stream by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. Starting at the Ellendale Gate and continue east towards the creek's headwaters, Stony Creek is considered a year-round trout stream. To learn how the acid mine drainage has effected this habitat, please visit the Rausch Creek Diversion Wells page.

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