Top Ten Historic Sites in Stony Valley & Surrounds
No. 10 - Trail of Ties

After the abandonment of the Schuylkill & Susquehanna Branch of the Reading Railroad, starting in 1944 in Stony Valley, a Pine Grove company came in to start tearing up the tracks. Still being in the midst of World War II, most of the metal - rails, tie plates and railroad spikes - would likely have been salvaged for either reuse on another railroad, or to be used in the war effort.

The wooden ties, however, would not of had much use. Locals took some to construct "Tie Town" - cabins made out of railroad ties - in the community of Ellendale. Once the railroad caught wind of the use of their property, it seems construction stopped, and the remaining ties were piled on a long abandoned wagon road. Piled four or more high for several hundred yards, they were left to rot by the Reading Company.

DIRECTIONS: Take the 22/322 Dauphin Boro/Stony Creek exit. Continue on Allegheny Street, and follow "To Stony Creek" signs which will guide you to turn right on the second road. Make a right onto Erie Street, then a left on Stony Creek Road. Drive approximately 5 miles down Stony Creek Road until it becomes dirt, at which time the road is renamed Ellendale Road. Please be advised Ellendale Road is an unmaintained dirt road. Continue an additional 1.2 miles east on Ellendale Road. A game land gate will be on your righthand side, a small pulloff on your left.

Park and continue through the gate back towards Dauphin At this point, you can either continue left on the former Horse-Shoe Trail, or the dirt road in front of you. Both will bisect the "Trail of Ties."

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